Hamilton County Fish & Game - News Feed http://www.hcfg.org/default.asp Hamilton County Fish & Game Official Website - Club News & Information, Events Calendar, Membership Information, Useful Links en-us Purple Pages http://www.hcfg.org/images/hcfg-logo.jpg http://www.hcfg.org/default.asp Range Update - Parking Change http://www.hcfg.org/news.asp?a=view&id=54 Friendly reminder to folks who might not have caught it in the opening announcement - parking for bays 2-4 is best served in the NW corner of the club. We have put the initial base pad of gravel down in this area and will be ordering some additional stone this fall. Keep an eye here or on the calendar for an update when the stone is ordered as we'll necessarily close parking for 1/2 day. Any questions, please contact me directly (email link on 'About' page). -Randy IDLE SPEED ON THE DRIVEWAY PLEASE http://www.hcfg.org/news.asp?a=view&id=19 Just a reminder to keep it at 1st gear idle speed. We share the drive with neighbors who have small dogs, large dogs and grandkids so make sure to take your time. Thanks.